Why Korean Dramas are Addicting


The Korean Wave, movies, and dramas are just some of top things that South Korea’s vibrant entertainment industry has produced over the years. Korean dramas have increasingly gained popularity across the globe with many self-confessed K-drama addicts gushing about their favorite shows. So what makes these dramas so addicting? The reasons vary, but here are just some of them.

Culture and Places
Korean dramas provide a window into the culture of the country. The government provides subsidies and support creative industries including drama series that showcase the country’s culture and tourism. Many fans travel to South Korea to visit and see the filming locations featured in their favorite dramas and films. K-drama fans from across the globe flock to places like Gyeongbokgung Palace and the other Royal Palaces, Han River, Namsan Tower (N Seoul Tower), various coffee shops, and jimjilbangs (saunas) that have been featured in many dramas.

Korean Cuisine
Watching Korean dramas introduces you to traditional and contemporary Korean dishes and treats. From mouthwatering street food to jiggly Korean cheesecake and everything in between, Kdramas will make you want to taste the delicious-looking foods you see on screen.

Attractive and Fashionably-Dressed Actors
South Korea has an overabundance of talented, attractive, and fashionable actors. The fashion, accessories, and trendy gadgets are just as eye-catching and fascinating as the stars of the shows themselves.

Interesting and Engaging Plots
Most Korean dramas are between 16 to 20 episodes long. Interesting and engaging plots that viewers can easily connect with are some of the things that make them popular.