10 Top Destinations for Theatre Lovers

Do you like watching a play, musical, or other types of theatrical performance when traveling? Have you ever been to places that have the best live theaters in the world? If you love all things theatre, here are some of the best destinations you may want to add to your travel list.

Athens, Greece
Why you should go: Considered as the birthplace of drama, vibrant culture and theatre scene, classical theatre hub, the well-preserved Odeon of Herodes Atticus, numerous stages in use for theatrical performances

London, UK
Why you should go: A deeply-rooted theatre scene, home to Shakespeare and The Globe, West End with all its scheduled performances, Theatreland, National Theatre, and more

Melbourne, Australia
Why you should go: Beautiful playhouses, catch plays at the Theatre District, summertime Shakespeare under the stars performances at the Royal Botanical Gardens

Milan, Italy
Why you should go: Home of top notch opera houses and theatres, the magnificent La Scala, vibrant cultural scene

Moscow, Russia
Why you should go: Multiple attractions for theatre enthusiasts, home to the Bolshoi ballet, the Helikon Opera theatre, the Academic Orchestra at the Moscow Conservatory

New York, USA
Why you should go: Broadway plays, plethora of performances in other theatres across the city, a veritable hub of the finest actors, playwrights, and people in the theatre scene

Paris, France
Why you should go: A wide array of theaters, the opulent Opera Garnier, mesmerizing live performances

Tokyo, Japan
Why you should go: Vibrant performing arts scene, traditional theatres, Kabuki theatre

Toronto, Canada
Why you should go: One of the top destinations for touring companies, a theatre scene that is very much alive, several Broadway-style performances, an entertainment district with plenty of venues to choose from, the Royal Alexandra Theatre

Vienna, Austria
Why you should go: Spectacular theatres, the historic Theater an der Wien, Burgtheater, operas, and more